Over 20 Years of Experience Growing Plants Indoors & Outdoors

Gardening Advice

We’ve helped hundreds of customers gain and regain their confidence to become the best gardeners they can be. We have experience with all kinds of gardens and we particularly love indoor gardening. We’re happy to guide you through the process of enriching your yields.

Product Questions

We have extensive knowledge of all the products we sell and have thousands of hours designing and building gardens across Alberta. If you have a question about a product, we can answer it!

Hydroponic Nutrients

We carry nutrients formulated to work perfectly for all hydroponic growing techniques. Deep Water Culture, NFT, and Ebb and Flow just to name a few.

Soil Amendments

Healthy plants need living, healthy soil and we have a range of biological and organic products to add vital nutrients and properties to soils for maximum results.

Flowering Nutrients

The nutritional requirements for flowering plants are different from vegetative plants. Our bloom boosting nutrients ensure your plants have everything they need for gorgeous flowers and fruit production.
Our own Premium nutrient formulation, WiLD THiNG was designed and tested to perfectly balance all macro- and micro-nutrients that plants need to grow. We source the purest trace minerals from around the world to create a hand-crafted product family that delivers the highest results.
Propagation To Flowering
No matter you’re growing, we have products that provide the ideal nutrients and support for all stages of the plant life cycle. With over 20 years experience in growing plants in all kinds of conditions and systems, we can solve any problem you may encounter from veg to bloom.
Soil To Soilless
Living in Edmonton means we can’t always grow outside. When the weather turns cold and dark, you can still bring light and plants indoors by using soilless gardening techniques that are better suited for indoor growing. We can help you start your first system or scale up an existing system.
All Seasons
Located in the heart of Old Strathcona, we’re here six days a week to help you with all your plant projects. You can find us two blocks East of Gateway Blvd on 81 Ave.

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