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Andrae Marchak

Andrae Marchak

Owner, Plant Wizard



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Nutrient technician


All Seasons Garden Centre Ltd. has been fulfilling the horticultural needs of both experienced and novice gardeners for almost 25 years. We are your year round source of essential outdoor and indoor gardening supplies, from organic soils & fertilizers to the latest horticultural lighting technologies.

Our highly knowledgeable staff provide personalized customer service to ensure everyone who comes to us leaves with a green thumb!

Store History

All Seasons Garden Centre was founded in Edmonton in 1992 by Bill Saunders.

First located in a small building on the corner of Whyte Avenue and 100th Street, six months later the shop moved to it’s second location on the East side of 99th street between 78th avenue and 79th avenue, into an old square and flat-roofed two story building that had for many years been a Chinese grocery until All Seasons moved in.

A few months after moving into the old grocery building, a person came into the store who would become essential to the business. An older man with large, thick glasses and a long grey beard, wearing a thick sweater and a toque despite the warm weather, who had previously managed the former garden center at The Bay, Ted Cooper inquired if the shop was looking for any help. He immediately impressed Bill with his vast knowledge of plant taxonomy and their specific requirements of care, and later his background in chemistry would prove to be invaluable in the creation of their flagship product line.

The Wild Thing System of nutrients was developed by Bill and Ted in the following year.

In 1996 plans were announced for the widening of 99th street in the coming years, and at the same time an opportunity opened up for Bill a few blocks away in the form of an old auto garage for sale, which he managed to obtain and begin moving into it the following summer. The store has remained in this location ever since.

In 1997, another essential person started with All Seasons, Andrae Marchak. After twelve years as a full time employee, and inspired by his passion for helping others create and perfect their own gardens, he took over ownership of the store from Bill who was looking to retire. By providing year-round growing materials, supplies and equipment for both indoor and outdoor gardens, All Seasons has become an invaluable resource to the Edmonton gardening community. “We are here to troubleshoot and solve gardening challenges with our customers,” Andrae says.

The staff at All Seasons Garden Centre has over fifty years of combined experience with indoor gardening, and are happy to share this incredible resource with their customers. The shop covers approximately four thousand square feet, and is home to an extensive and thriving indoor garden that showcases the products and procedures that indoor gardening requires. The indoor jungle that greets visitors is a remarkable stop in Old Strathscona, featuring fig trees, a banana tree, as well as an impressive specimen of Angel’s Trumpet, which when in bloom is quite remarkable

We have seen an increase in customers wanting to grow their own food supply through home and patio gardens. Small herb gardens for kitchen counters are extremely popular, and many people are using hydroponic systems. All Seasons staff offer consulting services to help determine the best options for each customer. “I have worked with many school teachers,” Andrae says, noting that classroom gardens are becoming more common. Several schools are setting up aquaponic systems with All Season’s help, which combine conventional hydroponic plant systems with aquaculture environments like fish tanks so that the entire system is balanced with the fish fertilizing the plants, and the plants cleaning the water for the fish.

Pest control is another area where All Seasons staff can be extremely helpful. “We don’t sell anything that kills plants,” Andrae says. Whether the problem is fungus or insects, All Seasons Garden Centre stocks many products that can control problems in an organic or biological manner, and harsher control agents are available for persistent problems. As always, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and happy to assist in identifying and selecting the correct control solution for whatever problems you have.

The staff at All Seasons Garden Centre is happy to offer guidance on how to help your plants grow to their full potential, while addressing the unique challenges you might encounter.

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