Custom Designs & Builds

We’ve Designed and Built Thousands of Hydroponic Systems for Growers Across Alberta.

Services Available

  • Repairs
  • pH meter calibration
  • pH testing

Professional Consultation

We provide you with the most complete, personalized education experience available, from garden design and plant maintenance through system troubleshooting and plant-health problem-solving, whatever your gardening goals and aspirations might be.

Our knowledgeable staff are always eager to help customers who come in our door, whether they need help laying out a garden, or questions that need answering, or they already have a shopping list to pay for and go as quickly as possible.

If you would like to shortcut the potential waits and have some of our time all for yourself, we can arrange for Priority Consultation, which gives you the guaranteed undivided attention of one of our representatives.

Professional Consultation is billed at $120/hour, which allows us to assign a technician to your project and provide 1-on-1 advice, design recommendations, parts, and building. We provide premium support for customers that purchase our Professional Consultation services.

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