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05/14/2018 01:55 to 05/15/2018 01:55 (UTC)

Edmonton, Canada


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All Seasons Garden Centre
10027 81 Ave NW
    Edmonton AB T6E1W7


From 05/14/2018 01:55
To 05/15/2018 01:55


All Seasons Garden Centre

Social Stream

Cannabis Cultivation

June 10th 11:00-3:00pm

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The impending legalization of cannabis in Canada has been stirring up excitement, but many people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to growing. So they turn to the internet, where they receive advice that is contradictory, incomplete, or downright wrong, and end up overwhelmed or disappointed with their results. We have the solution.

After years of working with clients one-on-one to equip them with all the tools and knowledge a beginner could need, we’ve decided to offer an all-encompassing class!

This four-hour class is geared toward those with little to no growing experience, who are growing indoors for personal use or at a small-scale. We will teach the fundamentals of gardening that can be applied to all plants, then build on this knowledge with the specifics of cultivating cannabis.

The charge for the class is $100.00, and this cost can be used as credit towards the purchase of a complete Tent Kit. The Tent Kit will be explained in class, and includes the necessities for any beginner grower.

Food and refreshments will be supplied during a 30 minute break, and your instructor will be available after class to answer any final questions you may have.


Cannabis Cultivation Class Topics:



Discover the best type of light for every stage of growth, the most effective lighting layouts for your tent, and how to maximize your yield while saving energy.

Plant Nutrition

Learn the difference between organic and inorganic nutrients, and which supplements your plants need.  

Environmental Control

Controlling factors like temperature and humidity are crucial to a successful grow. We’ll teach you how to reach an ideal climate inside your tent while maintaining normal conditions inside your home.

Strain Selection and Propagation

There are 779 different strains of cannabis and that number is growing. Don’t feel overwhelmed- after this class you’ll understand your options and have the facts you need to confidently decide on a strain.  

Plant Health

A healthy plant is a profitable plant. Learn to spot nutrient deficiencies and excesses before they become a problem.

Pests and Disease

Learn about the biggest threats your plants face and how to prevent them before disaster strikes.

Charting Progress

Keeping track of your progress not only optimizes your yield, but simplifies the growing process.  We will discuss the best charting methods to ensure that your latest grow is always your best.

Anything you want!

There will be ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions both in class and one-on-one during breaks.

11:00am - 3:00pm June 10th, 2018